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Warranty Info

Newport Builders/Newbrook Homes Warranty Program

Newport Builders has more than a quarter of a century of experience and expertise in building homes of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Throughout every step of the construction process, we maintain these stringent quality industry standards. Newport Builders offers standard warranty protections for our customers to provide peace of mind, added value, healthy homes and customer satisfaction.

What types of standard warranty is offered by Newport Builders/Newbrook Homes?

Our homes are covered under a 1 Year Builder’s Warranty. The 1 year warranty period begins at closing. An overview of the warranty program as well as the required forms are provided in the closing packet and reviewed at closing.

When Can I Submit Warranty Requests?

There are two timeframes that are important to make note of.

3 Month Warranty Form (3 months after closing/occupancy): The purpose of completing the 3 Month Warranty form is to list repairs that cannot wait until your 9 month checkpoint. Typically, these are things that can be more pesky in nature and cannot wait such door adjustments or mechanical problems. As your house will be expanding and contracting over the next year, we ask that requests for caulking and drywall touch ups are automatically placed on your 9 Month Warranty Form unless they are severe.

9 Month Warranty Form (9 months after closing/occupancy): The purpose of completing the 9 Month Warranty form is to report items that may occur after a season of freezing and warming. These types of repairs will address the expansion and contraction in the home’s materials as well as caulking or drywall touch-ups needed.

How Do I Report Warranty Issues?

Sample forms are provided at the time of closing on the new home. A recommendation provided to homeowners is to keep these forms close at hand and use them to notate requested warranty items. At the 3 month and 9 month mark post-closing, homeowners should visit our website at to complete an on-line warranty request form.


Online Access for Homeowners

Our simple online system makes it possible to access your project from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

To access your account please contact Buildertrend at 1-877-309-0368.

When Can Warranty Issues Be Reported?

Warranty requests can be submitted via the online portal available on Newport Builders’ website at any time. However, it is important to note that the warranty department is available during our normal business hours of 7am to 4pm.

What Are Considered Emergency Warranty Issues and How Can I Report Them?

An emergency warranty issues could include the total stoppage of the plumbing, sewer/septic system, water system leaks which require the service to be shut off to avoid serious damage to buildings or furnishing, complete loss of heat in cold weather, total loss of electrical service which is not a general utility company power outage, or any circumstances that endanger the occupants of the home.

For all after-hours emergency warranty issues, please reference the list of the emergency contacts for key home components. This information can be found on the sticker on your electrical panel in the basement, in your homeowner manual and closing packet that you received at closing. These subcontractors generally have after-hour and on-call procedures. Please note: Do not report emergency warranty issues by contacting Newport Builders/Newbrook Homes after normal business hours and leaving a voicemail.

Are There Additional Extended Manufacturer Warranties Provided?

Newport Builders/Newbrook Homes makes available the following extended manufacturer warranties at no additional cost:

Alliance Windows: A limited lifetime warranty. More information can be found at HERE

Owens Corning (roof shingles): Limited warranty details can be found HERE


Allied Air Enterprises (HVAC): In order to qualify for the 10-year warranty coverage on parts, homeowners must register their unit online Allied Air within 60 days after closing/occupancy. If a homeowner fails to complete the on-line registration, the warranty defaults to a standard 5-year warranty. Please note that this form was included in your closing packet.

       Foundation Warranty:  Two-year warranty

       Tyvek Warranty:  10 years

Other Important Information

Work performed by owner(s) or owner’s subcontractor, agent or representative may void warranty. When in doubt, please contact Newport Builders.

Any questions that you may have with respect to the warranty process can be answered by contacting Newport Builders during our office normal business hours of 8-5pm.

If Newport Builders/Newbrook Homes does not receive written notice of warranty items within the one year builder’s warranty period, we are not obligated to perform warranty work for any such items.

The builder’s one year warranty is not transferable to a new owner within the warranty period.

The warranty shall include all components of the home unless the same is subject to a manufacturer’s warranty. In the event that such a manufacturer’s warranty applies, the builder’s one year warranty shall be limited to the lesser of the term of said manufacturer’s warranty or the one year warranty as specified.

Appointments for repairs and adjustments will be made with either the Builder or the subcontractor directly with the buyer/owner.

Appointments will be scheduled between the hours of 7am to 4pm Monday through Friday (standard business hours for Warranty Department). No appointments will be scheduled on weekends or legal holidays.

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