Building new home tool coming soon!

Building new home?

Are you building new home? New tool coming soon! Newport Builders understands that the process of building a new home can be overwhelming at times. We focus on ways to keep our homeowners involved and informed throughout the building of their new home. We are pleased to announce that we will soon be providing homeowner access to our new online construction software to customers who build custom homes with Newport Builders. This software will provide homeowners with the ability to see photos of the progress of their home, view any required actions like color or material selections, view a calendar that outlines the work that is being done on their home on a particular day and the ability to submit warranty requests after the closing of the home. We look forward to launching this spectacular customer-focused tool with our customers!


  • Online construction software
  • Home photos of the progress of your home
  • Home color, material selection, view calendar outlines
  • Submit warranty requests
  • And many more Call Us Today to learn More!
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